Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thursday Slurpday

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Just read this article about Rockbourne Jewellry - I so have to go there this week. I need, I mean I really need a treat.

I have entitled this post Thursday Slurpday because I feel pretty worn out and could be slurring my words. The words are definitely blurring on my computer screen.

I will be posting photos of the fashion modification I did in the weekend. It was not so much re-fashioning as just "tweaking". I have a lovely polyester (yes what else) dress with a wide skirt which was $1, and the bluey purpley mauvey orangey mod-ish dress I bought from Purple Rain for $5. The former dress required the waist to be resewn and the neckline to be adjusted - my neck must be wider than others because I felt like I was choking. The latter has had a hideous gathered frill removed from the bottom and is now very short. I also carefully adjusted the side seams to make it fit better in the bodice. Alas now, I feel it is too short and am seriously considering putting some of the awful frill back on....

On a Spring matter, I am wearing 3/4 pants today and wore bare legs earlier this week. Blossom is dotting the trees in my back yard, and some peonies are sprouting out through the dirt looking like red tentacles. The sheep in the paddock behind the house are lambing too which is lovely.

Thanks to the amazing Desiree from Pull Your Socks Up, I have discovered Sock Dreams and ordered,(amongst other things.....) these lovelies:  What do you think??

 Ok Readers, time to finish this post.  Tomorrow we in the office are dressing up (if we want to) to support a team as part of the RWC (from now on known only as "the competition which shall not be named".  I am not a great fan of rugby, but I have seen the Argentinian team from less that 10 meters when I encountered some team members outside the hospital earlier this week.  Very fine specimens they were too.  Anyway, I have decided to support Tonga tomorrow, so I will be wearing something suitably "Island-ish". My camera will accompany me to work so there will be evidence of my costume and any brave colleagues who agree to being published in this fine blog. 

 Hope you are all having a good week!!

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