Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review of The Oddity, Waikouaiti

My family have driven past "The Oddity" so many times I have lost count.  Nine out of ten times it has been closed.  The shop is into two parts - a large couple of rooms on the left (not visible in pic above) and then the main shop.  As with many "second hand" shops, it was bulging full of a variety of items.  The first rooms had mainly furniture including a 1950s perfect red vinyl set of kitchen chairs with chrome legs for a staggering $300!!!!!!

This firescreen immediately caught my eye.  Yes, it has a Bambi on it, but it is not needed in my house so I passed it by, with only a couple of backward glances!
 In the main shop the large ground area contained fairly standard stuff - but it was the creaking narrow steep staircase at the back which revealed treasures.  The tiny attic had mirrors on the walls to give the effect of larger space.  I was intrigued with the old toys and dolls, the posters on the walls, and the selection of vintage shoes, still in their boxes. 

This charming Pears Ad ($100) was on the wall up the tiny stairs which were so steep it was more like a step ladder!!

 The skirt hem marker and soap advertising were in perfect condition (above) .  I love the graphics on this air pump (below).

 Imagine trying to cook a meal on this!!

 The famous Tiger Tea!

All in all, I enjoyed visiting the store.  The prices were a little high but the charming attic was worth looking at - almost like being in a museum.  I think it might be worth an annual visit. 

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