Thursday, September 15, 2011

Polyester Purchases - revamped and refashioned

Town Trend polyester/crimplene sleeveless dress ~ Purple Rain $5

 Eek!  I am well aware that this is not a flattering photo - and the stripey socks were worn for comfort not for comparison.  Once I had reattached the bodice to the skirt where it had come unstitched, this is the vision of loveliness succumbed to my stitch ripper and had the bottom frill removed.  Then convinced it was too short, I added a band of fabric back on - at 1/2 width of the original frill.  So a compromise has been reached.  Its hard to see in this photo but I also took in about 1/2 inch from waist to arm allowing a better fit. Also there is a faint grey stain in the centre front which is barely noticeable except to my eagle-eyed Dear H.  This I intend to disguise with a strategically placed necklace or brooch. 

Helen B polyester sun dress, sleeveless with wide bias skirt ~ Yellow Shop $1
 The socks remained on for the second photo - here I am modelling a dress which was in need of some tender loving care in the form of removing the waist elastic and re-sewing the waist seam.  As you might be able to see from the photo the neck line is very high -  I do have prominent "trapezoid muscles" and I think the neckline was very slender originally.  The interfacing which was one layer of fabric was also discoloured and coming off, so I assisted it further and removed the whole front section.  This then allowed me to re-cut the neckline (nothing so fancy as re-drafting in my vocabulary) which I then finely hemmed, and adjusted at the shoulders as well.  A long soak removed most of the stain which splashes across the front.  Photos of finished items to be taken this weekend. 

My final refashion was more of a total remake from a very large skirt from a dress made from blue turquoise knitted fabric purchased from the Presbyterian fabric sale earlier this year for the princely sum of less than $1.  I crafted this lovely warm fabric into a below-the-knee skirt and interfaced the waist with a cheerful complimentary pink and turquoise quilt cotton bought at least 8 years ago when I had the hope of making something cute for my toddler Dear D.  The hardest part of this project was the ironing - I found it really difficult to get the iron temperature just right so I was pressing the fabric but not making a horrible shiney pattern on it!!  I envisage wearing this skirt with the awesome socks I bought from Sock Dreams.

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  1. What lovely frocks! I actually thought you were wearing stripey tights and rather like the effect! x


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