Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Planning for RWC Themed outfit Week 2 ...and the dilemma of the leather skirt

Yesterday at lunch time I meandered down to the Presbyterian Support Yellow Shop on St Andrew with the intent of finding an item of clothing to inspire me for my proposed Georgia'n themed outfit to wear on Friday.

I spent a lot of time in the "lower shop" looking at the $1 clothes, but nothing caught my eye.  Then I trawled around the rest of the shop with inspiration eluding me.  I was awoken from my slightly bored daydream by a loud voice saying "You bought that dress here".  The manager of the shop was staring at my skirt which was recently refashioned from a maxi dress with Paul Klee paintings on it.  It transpires that the dress once belonged to the manager and she wore it to death and then donated it to the store.  I confided in her that I was on a mission - so far unsuccessful - to find an item to be the base/foundation for my Georgia'n inspired ensemble.  She produced a mid length white leather skirt with some sort of leather flower embellishment on it - presumably the front as sitting on it would be might uncomfortable!  Unconvinced that it would fit me, I put it back on the rack.  
But, dear reader, skirt is haunting me.    

Something unnatural about the skirt has preoccupied me and I am in half a mind to go back and try it on. The other half of my mind keeps sayng "don't be stupid its a blood and chocolate magnet which will hug every curve and be very hot to wear".   I have a very stylish colleague who has a lime green knee length leather skirt which she pairs with a black skivvy and tights and looks amazing. I just did some "research" on google and leather skirts can be very stylish and classy or tacky.  Length and colour are the primary "tacky" factors with short black leather skirts being universally tacky.  High waisted purple leather on the other hand....

So dear reader, what do you think.  Yay or Nay for leather skirts? 

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