Sunday, September 18, 2011

Collections of Penny-Rose


1. frosted glass ~ mainly English Bagley from 1950s onwards, in black, white, green, blue, aqua, pink, yellow and amber 
2. coloured glass trinket boxes ~ mainly Japanese in green and amber (some of this collection was sold to make way for No1 and No 3) 
3. bambi and deer ornaments ~I just love the innocence of Bambi
 4. elephant ornaments (collected as a child but no longer add to this) 
5. polyester dresses ~ my first dress was a $1 Miss Jennie in grey with cigarette burns, now I have one for every day of the week and more :) 

6. retro knitting patterns ~ most inherited from my mother-in-law 
7. vintage sewing patterns ~ random op shop purchases for the pictures on the front 

8. broken pottery and sea glass from beaches I have visited ~ I am a magpie  
9. peonies ~ tree peonies x 3 and tuberous peonies too many to mention 

10. vintage sewing books: McCalls, Singer, Vogue, Better Homes and Gardens, and Simplicity (2 different editions)

What about you, what do you collect?  What captures your eye?


    1. I'm a magpie, too!
      I collect:
      1) buttons (all kinds -- old, new, metal, plastic, silly, fancy)
      2) clocks (not so much anymore -- lots were left in America when I moved here)
      3) seashells, sea glass, rocks
      4) books (began as children's books when I was in college, then has expanded to feminist texts, fiction novels by women, etc.)
      5) handbags

    2. I am with you on the sewing patterns and books - just lately I am finding tons of 70s craft books, bought 2 more yesterday, my bookshelves are overloaded! Love reading your blog. Karen


    I love getting feedback and comments from readers!