Thursday, September 8, 2011

The event which shall not be named: RWC Dress-up Friday Week 1

Blurry this picture may be, but it still captures the joie de vivre of Island dressing, don't you think?  
The golden vintage textured polyester skirt (made from a maxi skirt Savemart $6) evokes the sand of Tonga, the red belt, necklace, red shoes and ring, the white tee shirt are a pay homage to the Tongan rugby jersey.....topped off with a truly gorgeous vintage St Mark polyester island print shirt (Savemart $4).  How much more Tongan could I be? 


  1. Brillianly Tongan! Such a delightfully cheerful combo. x

  2. Fully island and fun, colorful, inspiring, enthusiastic, full of sun and sea sand, happy, festive, and of course, full of love for life .... All this tells me this photo ....


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