Saturday, October 8, 2011

RWC Friday - better late than never!

Red white and blue striped 
Trevira Dress "A Glaven Garment" 
Made in New Zealand c 1960s (?)
$5 TradeMe
Red plastic bracelet and red rose plastic ring
both from Equip (bracelet bought this week for $3)

 Beautiful Kowhai Tree in my garden in full bloom!

Dappled shade creates a softer light and makes it easier for both 
photographer and "subject"

Hair adorned with red rose and feather hair accessory
$2 from the $2 shop

This ensemble caused a few raised eyebrows at work...
but onions, a striped top and a beret would have been too easy!

Viva la France!!! 


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  2. I think any woman who actually dresses up in a dress these days gets looks.Sometomes wow and sometimes what tha! lol Just imagine they are thinking how much they wish they could look as good. xxx

  3. Thanks Nelly - I did get a few funny looks at work, but the highlight was when a co-worker said to me that the dress reminded her of an air stewardess uniform from the 1960s!! I felt like the real me had finally arrived.


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