Saturday, October 8, 2011

Treasure from Yellow Shop and ReStore

skull ring for my Dear Daughter
found in the 50 cent treasure bowl at the 
Yellow Shop in St Andrew Street

and for me, Skull and cross-bones bracelet with fob fastener, also 50 cents 

 Pair of buckles
50 cents from ReStore

both are marked with a mysterious "z" 
Perhaps they were made for Zorro????

Cute bow brooch
20 cents at Port Chalmers School Garage Sale.
This has a funny fan shaped mark on the back 
The little clasp bit is broken - but that is no problem
I will be sewing this onto some fabric 
and then making it into a "new" brooch.

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  1. Great scores.I just missed out on a skull belt and buckle the other day by that- much.


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