Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday update including a photo taken with "photo booth"

We have a new computer at home - a lovely iMac - which I get to play on in the evenings with Dear 10yo is in bed.  I get to update my blog and explore Trademe.

I forgot to take a picture of myself in my Welsh inspired outfit yesterday, for RWC Friday, and now the final is tomorrow and it all seems like I have been behind the 8 ball a bit.  Anyway, I wore a red $2 skirt from Butterflies, my beloved white dinner shirt with a huge triple strand of pearls with an enormous blingy rose on it ($4 from Equip in a sale of course) and the lovely reproduction Princess of Wales engagement ring.

My circuit of the op shops was brief this week due to the rather inclement weather.  I did score a bag full of things from the Yellow Shop - to be displayed later.  Now the rain has cleared I have been carefully washing polyester dresses.  Last night I looked through my book on Vivienne Westwood and was inspired this morning to wear my Marilyn tee shirt which I slashed and cut myself into something more fetching.  10 yo asked "is that Madonna?" and I replied tersely in the negative!!  Madonna copied Marilyn (and Marlene for that matter).  Is n't this an iconic image??

I found this in the men's section of the St Vincent de Paul - buried under beer teeshirts ~ $2.  I love the fact that she was so feminine and here she is slapped on the front of a men's cotton tee shirt.


  1. I've never been a huge fan of Marilyn. Pretty swell find though.


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