Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday before Easter - thinking about sewing over holiday

Hi Readers, just a quick post today to wish you all a very Happy Easter. I am taking a break from work as well so might not be posting much over the next few days. I wore my emerald dress (above ~ $20 from Monkey Beach, Port Chalmers) yesterday with a scarlet belt and felt very elegant. Today I am wearing a cute 1970s waistcoat ($4 from St v d P) made from a brown check but cut on bias with waist drawstring fabric loops and brown buttons that look like chocolate. Its over a rather faded Portmans fitted short sleeve shirt and worn with a simple black skirt. As accessories I am wearing my new (felt a bit extravagent) flower earrings and a resin ring of chocolate and turquoise.

Here is my Easter To Do list:
  • updating my new database of sewing patterns which I started a few weeks ago. Its in an xl spreadsheet at present but eventually I envisage having pictures of actual patterns and finished projects. My plan is that it will eventually be incorporated into my blog and I will be making a new page;
  • dressing my Chil-Daw Mannequin with my outfits and taking lots of pictures
  • washing and drying delicate clothing, (the weather forecast is fair) including a marvelous silk scarf with London Buildings on it, which I found scrunched up at the bottom of a bin at the Salvation Army in Princes St ($1).
  • Ironing - I have worn three dresses recently, all of which are in the wash and need pressing, and last but no means least, my only purchase last week a white shirt with a brown ish large floral paisley pattern ($2) from Butterflies. The shirt appealed to me because it was longer than usual and had slits up the side, which hints at informality, yet still had collar and cuffs.

Aside from the domestic reality I have a few dream projects which I hope to have time for over the break - I have just read a great post on how to convert (with minimal sewing) a lovely scarf to a lovely top

Bye Bye!


  1. Have a good Easter!! :) I would love a mannequin to sort out my day :) I hope the weather is good!! :)


  2. Oh! Your task list is much more fun than mine for Easter. Tons of clothes for ironing. Cooking and cleaning the house. However, to accommodate the clothes on the mannequin to get pictures sounds fun, yeah. So I looking forward to seeing all those pictures ...

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments. So far I have done lots of sewing, but keep forgetting to take photos!! I will be asking my daughter to help me with that project!!

  4. Oh! I'm looking forward to see them all!


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