Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Completed Sewing Projects - from Woe to Go!

Completed "jumper" made from teal drill cotton with a bit of stretch. Above shown hanging on back of door with white blouse underneath. Below you can see the lovely bright pink quilt cotton I used to line the bodice. It does irk me a bit that the top of the neckline does not quite match on both sides - it is a very minor thing - and also I used 3 groups of three buttons on the back rather than a zip and I had to decide to match either the top neckline, or the seam centre back with the bodice seam. Very very happy with the colour and this jumper is very comfortable.
Below is the easy to sew top which I made out of some nice draping polyester which cost less than $15 total to make. I love the colours in this top and it goes with several of my skirts and trousers which makes it very easy to wear.

Below is the summer dress which is same pattern as teal jumper with a couple of slight modifications. Alas the weather is not right to wear this now, and it is too revealing to wear to work. Never mind. I will definitely be wearing it next year.

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