Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hmmm, its Monday......

Well Dear Reader, I have been invited to attend the PSA Women's Forum in May. I am really looking forward at networking with other like-minded trade unionists, administrators, mothers, wives, and idealists.

While I am in Wellington, I am hoping to see two exhibitions which will be on show at the wonderful Te Papa museum. The first is Enriching Fashion An Eye for detail:

" intricately beaded fabrics and painstakingly embroidered outfits", "precious metals and extravagant displays of feathers and furs", – from hats and bags, to shoes and suits.

The second is Yield: Making Fashion Without Making Waste: and features works by Zandra Rhodes and Yeohlee Teng.

Although I won't be in Wellington for
it certainly is something I would want to take a look at.

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