Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Hat Thoughts - What to wear with Simplicity 5792?

Dear readers, you might recall that I have working on Simplicity 5792 in shocking pink (see my previous post here). Well I am pleased to announce that I have to hem the dress and finish sewing braid on the left sleeve and it is finished. I am hoping that the weather in Blenheim on 16th April is gorgeous so I do not need to wear anything with it. I would however, LOVE to wear a hat. Here are some hat styles which appeal to me:
I notice that Rosy has been making her own hat - something which I might try this weekend. I really like the idea of using an existing head band and part of a straw hat. Here in New Zealand we have a wonderful store called Spotlight where you can buy all kinds of sewing, knitting and craft supplies. I am going there in the weekend to look at hat "things".
Because my dress is shaped, not fitted I was thinking that it would suit a pillbox type hat rather than an enormous floppy straw hat in the style of someone like Sophia Loren. I did try a few floppy hats on at Glassons which is a womens clothing retail store, because summer hats were all marked down in price now it is Autumn.
I have a hat pattern that I inherited from my dear work colleague so I could adapt one of those to one of the designs here. I have to say though, I really really do not like the pyramid hat at all.
My Dear Husband says that he has many fond memories of his mother, grandmother and aunties wearing hats and gloves to go to church and even to go shopping, and this was in Ashburton (small farming town) in 1970s New Zealand. I have no memory of my mother wearing hat and gloves other than in winter! She did have an amazing fur hat that I used to play with as a child. Also my mother has worn summer hats / chabby chic / floral when attending weddings - my own and my sisters spring to mind.

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  1. Oh yes please, a hat, please!! And lots of pictures, lots of photos of you wearing the dress and hat at the event on, I can not wait ....


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