Monday, April 11, 2011

Pink Dress - Finished. Matching One-off custom-made headpiece - Finished

I started this post on Monday night. But due to my slow broadband and my dated Compaq laptop the picture upload was unsuccessful. Before I launch into my projects here is a photo of some delicious ANZAC biscuits which I made last week. YUM :-)1. Dress is finished. Dress has braid on both sleeve edges and around neck. Hem is done in invisible thread with stitches so small I cannot see them to take a photo. Hook and eye have been attached to the upper centre back closure in lieu of a 22inch zip. 22 inches - what on earth were the pattern makers thinking?? The pattern is not a wiggle dress, it is not meant to be skin tight. It is a fitted dress which skims the body. Total cost approx $35 pattern was free. 2. Hat/headpiece has been imagined, created and completed. Total cost $20 from Spotlight.

Okay, this is what I used: straw/paper fan from spotlight, big bag of pink feathers, small bag of turquise "boutique" feathers, a light mauve "szjuzzy" [how on earth do you spell the darned word???] braid, jewellry wire, pliers, scissors and PVA glue.

Firstly, I glued several layers of pink feathers onto the fan, and made sure that they covered most of the fan. I did not worry too much about little gaps as I knew I would be filling them in later with the turquoise feathers. I covered the handle with some of the braid which is on the dress. I did the top side of the fan first and let it dry and then the bottom (which will be only partially visible as it will be almost flat to my head. Then I carefully arranged some turquoise feathers within the gaps - it looked like this:
This had to be done over a couple of days to ensure that the PVA glue dried properly. I can assure you that pink feathers and PVA glue can make a big mess and my fingers were covered in fine pink fluff.I then experimented with the new "szjuzzy" (below) and one I was given last year (above) which is dark teal.

In the midst of this happening my parents came over to visit. My mother who had previous said she did not like the braid because it made the dress too little girly commented that there were too many colours with the hat. Immediately I knew what to do. I put BOTH "szjuzzies" on the fan and VOILA:
Thanks heaps to Rosy for inspiring me! All I need to do now is to get a couple of those hair combs and fasten the fan - I am taking wire, pliers etc with me to wedding so I can make hat at last minute depending on weather. What do you think???

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  1. Ohhhhh! No doubt you will be the guest of the event more original!! I'll be thinking of you ...


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