Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clothing refashion - success!

Above is the beautiful dress discovered at the "smelly" garage sale. I took it in down the back darts through to about 3 inches below the waist as I have a very narrow which sways.

I also took it in through the front by making new darts - I put the dress on inside out and did this all using a mirror and a few pins. I noted by my bust line and then made the new darts follow this line down to about 2 inches below the waist. Now the dress fits almost perfectly!

This is a $2 blouse made in India from a rayon type fabric which I re-fashioned. As per the dress above I made darts from my shoulder blades down through my back to about the dimple in my hip which is approximately between the waist and hip measurement and by chance the bottom hem of the shirt in this case. I also made darts in the front. The only problem with this blouse is that it moves so much when I am wearing it, which is why I think it is ideal under the teal jumper dress (I can tuck it into my petticoat).

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