Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Summery Wednesday Musings

Totally impressed with Verity today - her post on Sew Retro just leapt out at me and I had to pop over to her blog to have a look:

Love the transformation of the coat into a dress.

I started another project myself last night - cut out the Ema top in fabric purchased from Spotlights pre-GST30% sale. A vintage inspired cotton with orange and turquoise small flower print. Photo to follow.

Also, yesterday, while on a quest to find tuning pegs and strings for the Lark Ukulele I ended up at the Butterflies hospice shop. I know, its kinda weird how I ended up there if you don't know me, but if you live in Dunedin then you might know of the Music Workshop which used to be on George Street upstairs from Things. Well its not there anymore and this was highly annoying as I used to go there quite a lot for ukulele related things. So, annoyed I decided to go somewhere .....like the Hospice shop .... and look for both a John Denver record for dear D who is singing Country Road West Virgninia in the school production and a bra to decorate for BRA-VO. I did get a couple of bras and I have arranged with a dear colleague that she will model the creation, and I will make and design in collaboration with her.

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