Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My next costume a Halloween outfit

My darling D is having her 9th Birthday party this weekend and it is a Halloween Horror themed party. We have already been to Spotlight twice and taken advantage of the 50% off Halloween items, and to TWL twice, once to do a recon before going to Spotlight and again, at 6pm on Tuesday in a mercy mission to get a horror mask. The horror mask is truly horrific. Combined with the grotesque horror hand glove, the skeleton glove, the skull satin cape and disgusting scythe with bird like horror head and gore, my dear darling D looks quite horrible.

Her father, darling H is going to be attired in suitable vampire clothing a la vintage Dracula (no Edward-ian Twilightian clothing for him) and has a cape, teeth etc. I was going to be Morticia Adams but am not feeling at all like Anjelica Huston so I am chanelling the Bride of Frankenstein a la Jennifer Beals.

I will be wearing my green vintage dress....

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