Monday, October 11, 2010

Treasure at Salvation Army, Princes Street

On Saturday I wanted to go to the Salvation Army to look for hand bags. Specifically the sort that are made from fabric or home made and have handles made of wood or cane or plastic.

I may have had that in my mind when I got there, but something happened because I left with about half a dozen Goosebumps books (Dear D), a few books on statistical modelling (Dear H), an embroidered picture in black on calico of Knox Church, George Street Dunedin, a blue and white floral table cloth which looks like cross stitch but its not, its just a printed pattern, and a cute Lark Ukulele which dates from the 1970s.

The discerning reader will have noticed that there are no handbags included in this list. There were no handbags of any interest at the Sally Army and when I enquired, none of the assistants knew where they were, so I had to assume that they had all been sold.

The reason I was looking for the handbags described in my opening statement is that I have been successful in bidding on a vintage pattern for crochet with Swiss Straw.Swiss Straw is a posh name for Raffia. I already own a beautiful blue Swiss Straw handbag from the 1960s which I originally noticed in the Blenheim Save Mart. I did not buy it. But my dear sister in law K went back and bought it for me!!! I was really touched by this act of kindness and the bag is very precious to me.
It looks a bit like this (above) only with a chain handle and a clam shell clasp. Very cute and very roomy.

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