Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nothing is as simple as it first appears...

Why oh why reader, do I continually discover that actually creating my artistic masterpieces is significantly more difficult/more time consuming/more frustrating than coming up with the idea in the first place, and not learn from the experience?

For example when I proclaimed that Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden would be my inspiration for this year's BRAVO and that Adam and Eve would be perched fetchingly on my bosoms, I did not realise (1) I would not be able to make them do this easily, (2) I would not be able to model my own creation (3) I would be required to stay up until all hours for days prior to the show completing my creation.

When I claimed I would be the Bride of Frankenstein for my daughter's 9th Birthday party, I did not realise that the 1935 Bride was so gosh darn ugly. Hence my desire to channel Jennifer Beals.
However, it is now approximately 24hours until the party and I have nothing to wear ARGHHHHH!

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  1. How about (I don't actually know what B of F wears) couple of metres of black fabric, maybe sparkly & not expensive, say twice your height, fold in half, cut a hold for you head, make some seams under the arms or body to look like a flowing afghan without cutting the excess fabric, paint a tiara black or silver, B of F startling goth makeup and voila? Maybe a black long wig?


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