Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Am I a magpie or a cuckoo?

Dottie Angel really hits the nail on the head about the magpie gene. In my family I think it skipped a generation though, I got it from my paternal grandmother. Both my parents are minimalists. Dear D is starting out as a collector/magpie. She is particularly fascinated with rocks of all kinds and has a great mineral collection. My parents have a lovely selection of scandinavian 1970's furniture - settee, cabinet divider etc and some nicely grouped items eg painting, sculpture, fossils, driftwood but, they are not collectors. They do not see something and covet it.

A list of my collections:
  • frosted English glass eg Bagley Powell Davidsons (approx 50 items)
  • ceramic bambis and deer (approx 20 items)
  • Tennyson editions pre 1920 (approx 20 books)
  • kitch kitchenware
  • vintage buttons and buckles
  • glass dressing table sets and pin dishes
  • vintage sewing books
  • vintage knitting patterns (approx 100)
  • vintage sewing patterns (approx 20)

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