Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am nearly over my style quandry

I have just read pattern ~ scissors ~ cloth and her dilemma with style. Read more here

Dear H and D gave me the Isaac Mizrahi book a couple of Christmas's ago, and I found it really useful. In fact it helped me define my style.

Today am wearing the completed Vintage Look Easy 3 Hour Shirt with vintage glass buttons and a made-up-off-the-cuff long belt.

I am nearly over my style quandry - as much as I love the various styles (a la "who do I want to be today") indie country (summer dress boots and denim jacket), or slightly punkish (leggings biker jacket and long white shirt with skull jewellry), or whatever, in my heart of hearts I like to look like I am from another era and I want to wear something different to all the black sheep. I want to wear colour and texture, and get away from deconstructed merino knit graphic printed blah blah blah.

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