Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Woo Hoo Wednesday

They say, dear readers, that all good things come to those who wait, and now I have irrefutable proof.

I went to Recycle Boutique yesterday lunchtime - I needed to see the sun and to feel the cold Otago breeze on my skin before being stuck in a long long meeting for most of the afternoon. To my absolute delight on the $4.50 rack at the back were three polyester shirt dresses!!!!!!!!

The first, a red slightly oriental patterned Lady Lichfield size 14 in pristine condition. Covered buttons and skinny tie belt.

The second, a apricot/pink with turquoise floral (more like bunches of flowers) also Lady Lichfield size 14 in pristine condition.

The third, a blue and red splodge pattern Eve St Clair (ie modern made in china) shirt dress masquerading as a 1970s shirt dress. Reader, don't worry I did not even try this one on.

I did however, try on the red and the apricot. The red looked stunning, especially as i was wearing patterned tights - lacey with a touch of paisley. The apricot was not so good - the colour was all wrong for me. I was SO pleased that I had not even considered trying and buying the red one when it was $27.50!

Then a quick dash round the corner to the Butterflies shop where I chose 3 belts suitable for a girl - one Paul Frank in red canvas, one light green with leather trim and buckle, and one cream canvas with D ring. Fifty cents each - what a bargain.

There is a good selection of polyester dress on Planet Retro at the moment:

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