Sunday, August 22, 2010

A rose by any other name....

Wow, I have discovered another awesome fabric flower tutorial:

I have a small stash of felt given to me by my friend Amy when she left the Antipodes for York, UK. This can now go on my list of projects I want to try on the next sunny afternoon. I mention the sun because Oh my, dear reader the sun now shines in my kitchen in the afternoon! The veil of winter is receding and spring, is nearly springing! I spent a very happy afternoon re-beading a necklace with my daughter last week while she struggled with a horrendous head-cold. I bought the beads as a 3 strand necklace from Trademe about 2 years ago. A mixture of blue green and grey vintage beads. I made a necklace from the grey and green ones, and wore it for ages until the end with the lobster came off due to poor crimping on my part. I decided to re-string and used some cheap but equally lovely beads which were originally a necklace from Equip. Beading in the natural light is a joy. I will post photos soon, I promise.

To my delight I spent some time knitting in the kitchen yesterday afternoon while the pumpkin cooked for a wonderful pumpkin and carrot soup made with home-made chicken stock with tarragon. I am making a 1930's pattern sweater, which can be made in three hours. By an expert knitter of course. By me it is taking a lot, lot longer. I am using up two different yarns. A grey 4ply crepe I inherited from Helen and a purple tencel type yarn like Patons Zhivago which I got on special from the Warehouse about 3 years ago. Together the grey and purple are really lovely and the lustre of the purple really compliments the rather sombre grey. I know, I should take a photo and post it. Promise.

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