Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brave New World

Status report for Resolution 2010
aka "I won't be buying any more brand new mass produced poorly made clothing"
aka "I will try and make more of my own clothing"

Resolution Total Time elapsed: approx 4.75 months (most of March, and all of April, May, June and July).

Total number of zero clothing purchase days: 30 All of July minus the day I bought the Osti sundress masquerading as a nightie at the Butterflies shop

Total number of Brand New Items:
O Zero none :-)
1 one pair of fake velvet ballet flats with wonky bow from TSW (aka The Shoe Warehouse), value $19.95

Total number of start-from-scratch sewing projects - status started: 2 two Ema's top, green polka dot top

Total number of start-from-scratch sewing projects - status completed: 0 zero

Total number of altered swing projects: 3 three: white and blue polka dot dress, Blue polished cotton dress, vintage looking Made in China Blouse

Total number of fashion fatalities: 1 one. Made in China blouse - the collar has separated from the shoulders on one side - showing that an inadequate amount of hem was used. Cost of blouse: $4

Executive Purchasing Summary:
Preloved shoes: 3 [Furry black shoes, suede looking brown shoes, black and white David Elman's
Preloved shirts: 3 [pink striped, orange polyester, Made in China Fraud
Preloved pants: 2 [navy pin stripe and grey dress pants from Red Cross
Preloved dress: 6 [blue and white polka dots, blue polished cotton, white black and red polka dots, green chiffon, Osti sundress, light green underdress
Preloved coats: 1 [curly fur
Preloved fur: 1 [purple stole
Preloved gloves: 1 pair

Summary: Overall Penny-Rose is showing good control of her resolve, with only one albeit major transgression at the Shoe Warehouse. Her purchasing pattern shows that she has developed an interest in dresses suggesting a stylistic move from the "who am I going to be today" to a more focussed approach. The absence of tops and tee shirts is evidence that she either has plenty of these to wear or is moving away from this style as it does not integrate into her new look.

Points: total committment out of 475 = 470
Demerit points for new purchase and fraudulent items: 170
Total score = 300

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  1. TSW - makes it sound so much higher class :)


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