Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hoorah Thursday

It pays to be patient....

The fruits of my labour today or rather, fruit of my labour is a pristine Glengyle grey fleck Trevira (40%) Wool (40%) and Angora (20%) Raglan sleeved (perfect for swimmer's shoulders) cardigan. $5 at StVdeP.

How happy am I?

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  1. I also want to comment on how lovely the two ladies were who served me at StVdeP. The lady who was folding the cardigan at the counter when I swept up into my arms as if it were a grey kitten, and her colleague with whom I discussed the problems of modern clothing sizes. Her comment on spaghetti sizing was very apt. The shop smelt so lovely and clean too. Not like the Butterflies shop which smelt of stale fish and chips. Not nice at all.


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