Sunday, August 8, 2010

Future Sewing Planning:

So, the grey polyester fabric which was/is intended as my next sewing project (Okay, once Burda 6009 is complete).
Which of these patterns is most appealing???

I love the angle placket front on the Butterick pattern - it really is quite unusual. With interfacing I think this would work nicely. I am small busted and this could be flattering on me - not too much bust to make the fabric gape. I would do a bound button hole too and could use one of the amazing vintage buttons I bought in the weekend (but more about them later). The simple neckline means that the eye is drawn down to the placket/button.

However, the fabric is fairly floppy which means that although it should drape quite well - it's not that suitable for one of the structured sharper style shirt dress like Simplicity 8051 or 8585. These would be better in a polished cotton or sateen cotton or denim. I love these styles as I have blogged about previously. My love of 1970s polyester Lady Lichfield or Miss Jennie style dresses is well known. Maybe I should be something quite different?

Simplicity 7592 - I would be tempted to make the jacket in a contrasting colour - maybe yellow and use the grey on the lapels as it is on the front of the pattern. Again nice simple neckline (reader, my trapezoids are very angular even without all the swimming, but the jacket collar might provide some camoflauge in this area, I do not want my neck to look like a giraffe).

Simplicity 3535 is another possibility. The collar could be done with interfacing without losing the lovely drape. The front fold would hang nicely and I predict that any leg showing would be decently covered in suitable hose. The coat style is one I like - functional as well as being good with layers in winter. The collar looks like it would show off quite a bit of decolletage - so I would have to make sure that my posture is 100% spot on.

Is the Famous "Ema's Top" pattern also a possibility????
Somehow when I see this pattern I think summer fabric - not grey polyester/

Or the more modern Simplicity 7073??
Nice detail on the back - but do I want to draw attention to this area?
Peony tattoo on show for all to see. Or spots depending on how my fickle skin is behaving.
Way too much information I know. Just scrub that from you mind dear reader.

Okay I think I have made a decision.

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