Monday, August 16, 2010

Jewel in Mosgiel's Op-shop Crown

Jaded by my experience in the Sally Army shop, I walked up the main street, leaving my family at the $2 and gift store. I called in to the stationery and wool shop which was warm and welcoming to have a look at buttons and other haberdashery items. It used to be two shops and is now knocked through. There seemed to be a good selection of wools and scrapbook items (which does not interest me in the least) and two elderly Mosgieliennes were sitting near a gas heater in the middle area with fabric and the like around them, clearly ready for a demonstration or class. Despite the nice clean interior and pleasant decor, I was not greeted by the clearly unoccupied shop assistant, neither on my entrance nor my exit. So, I soldiered on, determined to have an enjoyable experience.

And then, in the distance I recognised a familiar sign: Butterflies (the word not an image) and my heart leapt a little at the prospect of actually finding a nice shop with nice people. Oh reader I was not disappointed. Neat boxes of cheaper items on the pavement were carefully labelled and the window display was full, but not bursting so I could peek into the store. Oh joy, it was small, crowded and full of potential. The moment my foot was in the door a cheery voice called out Hello. Seconds later - on the $1 sale rack inside the door on the right - I spied a black pleated skirt with large red polka dots.

Within minutes I had scoped out the stuffed racks and scanned the crowded walls. The black skirt was put on the counter for trying on, when I turned and looked up at the polyester dresses and one in particular with a check pattern grabbed my attention:
This vision of loveliness minus its original label was modestly priced at $6. So I entered the changing area - out the back of the shop - and very nearly squeaked with delight when I saw the pile of shoes "ready for sorting" and I was slightly distracted, enough to be chided by the lady assistant so I tried on the dress and skirt quickly to allow another customer access to the changing area. I decided that rummaging was not beneath me, in fact it is a requirement when feeling the urge to find treasure so I crouched (somewhat awkwardly holding the dress and the skirt and my handbag and my coat) amongst the shoes and found one dark blue Mary Jane style shoe that looked like it would fit me. Quickly I tried it on - I felt like a giddy Cinderella - and then scrabbled around - like Cinderalla in the cinders - for the partner. There, an almost unworn pair Hush Puppies!!!
Dear reader the trip would not have been complete without skimming through the underwear and selecting a bed jacket in the lightest lemon, made from Bri-Nylon and in pristine condition. Priced at $2 it felt like a crime to leave it behind.
As the lady totted up my items, she somewhat guiltily said "$10?" for the shoes and I smiled broadly and handed her a $20 note saying keep the change, its been a pleasure.

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