Monday, August 16, 2010

Success at Mosgiel Salvation Army marred by poor service

Mosgiel Salvation Army was the first place I called into on Saturday morning. It is a large store - spacious in fact - and items are carefully grouped together. There was a good selection of 1980s and 1990s dresses - nothing in my vintage though. The prices were fair and ladies clothes were neatly grouped on racks which were full but not overstuffed. Amongst the linen and aprons I found Homes and Gardens sewing book for $1 which I clung onto for dear life. I tried on two wonderful hats which were randomly on a display and sadly did not fit me. For the entire time we were there which was approx 20 minutes, the lady at the counter talked in a loud voice to people she knew coming into the store which I found irritating. I was disappointed when we placed our items on the counter (Husband and daughter had a selection of books and cassettes) we were not even worthy of a greeting, please or thank you. It was then I realised that the smell which lingered around the clothes was actually the odour of stale fat from frying fish and chips. So although it is well laid out, reasonabley stocked and fairly priced, the overall mood of the place was disappointing. I will wait a month or so before visiting again.

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