Friday, May 30, 2014

More than polka-dots

Shhhh, I have to be quiet, because I am up out of bed really really early and its not a work day.  Shhh I might wake the family.  Well unless the intense meowing of two cats didn't already wake them.

Saturday morning and I am all by myself.  Lit the fire.  Made a hot drink.  Internet humming.  Toast has popped up.  (Cat just re-entered house after post-breakfast stalk around the garden to check for invading felines from outer-space). Time to blog.  

You know me, I love polka dots - spots, dots, blobs, repeating blobs and spots and dots. So lets look at something a bit different:

stripes  stripes  stripes 
stripes  stripes

I got stripes, stripes, stripes.  With sincere thanks to Johnny Cash.

Striped shirt from Savemart (love the frills, striped tights retail - the black stripes are velvety!!
NZ designer label Boucle skirt, 50 cents from Presbyterian Op Shop, 
designer belt, $3 from St Vincent de Paul, 
patent brogues (NZ Made) from Toffs $3, 
vintage glass striped necklace about $4 from Salvation Army. 

or how about:

oriental    oriental  oriental  
oriental  oriental  

Hommage to a geisha.

 Vintage (1950s) , home-made blue dress, Toffs $2
embroidered leather boots Savemart
obi made by me
vintage necklace  Hospice Shop
bracelets all secondhand from antique store, trade me, school fair and op shop
((please excuse the crockpot - had to improvise when cat had to be kept inside))

and then there is inspiration from fabric:

 pacific  pacific pacific
pacific pacific

Pacific print polyester dress
Pacific print polyester dress from Presbyterian Support
Aqua Glengyle cardigan Toffs
Aqua vintage beads opshopped
embroidered leather boots, silver belt  retail

Okay, 12 yo is up and out of bed now.  Time to plan our long (Queen's Birthday) weekend.  Sure there'll be some chores, but we are also planning a walk in a park or along a beach, a bit of op-shopping (of course), maybe some baking and cooking.  As a family we don't have to spend a heap of money to have fun together.  

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Penny-Rose xxx


  1. yay what a fun post of fantastic outfits sweet.......shhh loving the stripes......velvet stripe stocking sounds fabulous.
    Hmmm the pre-breakfast pussy cat stalk of the outside.....Trouser just falls out of bed...eats and then goes back to bed.......ahhh a cats life.........jealous.
    Hope you and family have a wonderful Queenie's bday weekend.
    love v

  2. I like your description of your Saturday morning routine, hot toast and a cuppa, catching up on blogs, love it, I adore your stripes! Actually all of your themed outfits!, xx

  3. That sounds like a relaxing Saurday morning. Love the stripes and the print on the last frock. xxx

  4. What great outfits you pull together! Those oriental bangles are to die for. And your Saturday morning sounds so peaceful :)

  5. your bumble bee tights are soooooooooo cute!!

  6. The tights in Stripes, the necklace in Oriental and the print in Pacific - perfect! xxxx

  7. That sounds like a wonderful morning! I love all these outfits, but the oriental has to be my favourite xoxo


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