Friday, June 6, 2014

An obligatory Blogger Deer is in this post (and some NZ icons)

I have been having some feet problems recently - most of my winter footwear seems to make my feet hurt.  

One day my feet hurt so much I bought another pair of shoes to alleviate the discomfort.  They were not a huge improvement on the comfort level (my face in the photo below says it all) but I think they matched my outfit nicely:

 Genuine suede Italian shoes $2 from Presbyterian Support Shop.  Worn with Chagall wrap skirt $4 and Vintage Goldcrest coat.

Despite the discomfort I really love this outfit! 

 On a completely unrelated matter, I often walk from work to the main street through a carpark and an alley way.  The walls are covered in graffiti and collage as well as the original signage.  An iconic image of Sir Edmond Hillary has been there for years and years.  But was recently, partially covered over.  So I took a photo.  It wasn't until I really looked at the whole wall I realised the new image was a giant head:

The "inspirational poster" was a couple of metres out of shot.  The accidental spelling errors of sign-writers is a constant source of amusement for me.  

Now,  I want to show you an outfit I wore two Fridays ago - I know I am a bit behind in Frock on Friday so I decided to combine Dunedin grunge with cute:

 Levis maxi skirt 50 cents, iconic "Dunedin" tee shirt $2 Toffs (normal retail $150 or something equally silly) Cardigan from Hospice Shop.  Socks and shoes retail.  Kitten necklace and Hello Kitty earrings both retail. Modern and vintage mood rings, both from a school fair, polished Paua and Silver ring from Barking Fish, Port Chalmers.

 I like the bunny socks peeping out from underneath my long skirt!  At lunch time I was visiting a stationery store with a friend and found myself a little cutie:

....a bobble head reindeer!  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Unlike my Saturday morning post last week, I am short of time today, so that's all for now.  Hope you have a great weekend!  Bye xxxxxx


  1. THAT SKIRT IS INCREDIBLE!!! Chagall is one of my favourite artists and you look glorious in your beautiful work of art! No way, the deer has a bobble-head?! Get that wee sweetie onto the car dashboard pronto!! OK so with the sore feet, this is so weird because I have been having exactly the same problem for about three months now. Sheer agony. It started while we were moving house and I was carrying heavy loads and probably wearing the wrong shoes. Now I'm only comfortable in my worn-in black Docs - my white ones are still too stiff for my sensitive feet. My feet haven't grown, my arches aren't collapsing, no corns or bunions so WTF?! Maybe it's hormonal? I'm wondering if the slow natural reduction of oestrogen in my body is creating new sensitivities. xoxoxox

  2. I also suffer from foot problems, it is difficult to find comfortable and fashion shoes I understand! I like your outfit and beautiful photos

  3. I love your Chagall print skirt - what a beauty. I feel your pain - its not my feet that murder me -its my hip. If I don't get the height or sole right I'm crippled for days.
    That flock OBD is so cute! xxx

  4. Ah yes the awful reality of dicky feet. How I wish I could wear all sorts of shoes. Instead I have SO many shoes & yet so few I can actually wear for more then just sitting in! And somehow even shoes that felt good last year can feel awful when I put them on again. What the???
    That goldcrest coat is amazing. Oh how I'm dying to wear a coat! Gorgeous outfits, & I'm in love with the bobble head deer too! Xx

  5. Oh such a cute little reindeer!
    I hear ya about painful feet... Mine are getting picky about what I put them in these days too.
    Love the warm tones of the first outfit, and the cool denim maxi of the second! xxx

  6. I am glad to come visit you again! I'll be right here and find a beautiful Lady dressed beautifully! Sorry about your sore feet, that's no fun. Love your first outfit, have a wondeful week, dear friend!

  7. There are so many things that I LOVE in this post - deer, Hello Kitty - but the winner has to be those BUNNY SOCKS!!!

  8. Hi! I love the skirt too, really love those leopard print shoes. My feet are horribly finicky things and I can only wear super supportive stuff so I'm always jealous of other's shoe wardrobes.


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