Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Return to Blogland - the school holidays have started

Hello everybody, it's the school holidays so I have some time to catch up on some great blogs and write a post (or even 2!) of my own.

Winter is a difficult month in terms of taking photos but this year has been harder with the deathknell (or the apparent deathknell) of Windows XP which sent several people into a computer frenzy of fear and millions of others to buy a new computer.  In total denial of the risk of viruses and goodness only know what I am soldiering on with my trusty Toshiba laptop.  Its only a few years old but can't upgraded to a newer version of Windows, thus I must run the gauntlet of Windows XP.  

Ok, on to other more important things, like what I have been wearing and where I found such treasures of couture.  First up, a remnant from the Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale which was initially made into a wrap around skirt before being incarnated as an A-line above the knee.  A dear, young colleague at work said I looked like I should be in Clueless.  Bless her. 

Where would I be without polyester?  This vision of loveliness -below - has a pleated skirt and a pussy bow collar (St V de P if my memory serves me correctly).  I teamed it up with some quirky jewellry including a necklace made for me by my daughter when she was about 7 yo.  The Easter Bunny earrings were in a $2 sale and the bangles are all thrifted. 
Winter has been hard on my feet - my beloved bow boots have been on high rotation with other op shop shoes including the heeled Mary Janes above and on more casual days the leopard print sneakers below.
Turquoise is almost my favourite colour at present - maybe because it is so bright and cheerful amongst the relative dullness of winter.  The World jacket above left, from the Winter 2007 collection was a $2 find from Toffs and the cardigan from the Hospice Shop.  Both accompany a floral polyester shirt dress.  The arm junk is a mixture of new and thrifted. 

Aside from the threat of computer-meltdown I have been very busy over the last few weeks with work and Union related matters.  As well as being on the bargaining team and looking forward to some improved salaries and working conditions being put on the table later this month, I have been to Wellington twice (sadly with no time to catch up with like minded bloggers) for a committee meeting and also on a leadership course.  More about both of those in the near future.  

As for now, I am going to make some more Picmonkey collages to post later.  Hope you are all well and free of the XP curse.  Bye, Penny-Rose 


  1. Oh yes, the XP curse. They should at least give us a discount on a new computer if they force us to switch over. "You're on your own now, kid." What kind of customer support is that?! Anyway, work the heck of the machine. Nothing to lose. And backup, backup, backup.
    I love that flasher action up there. Ha! "Ya wanna see some turquoise?"
    Everything looks great, the Clueless and the graphics and the blings, not to mention the great sneakers and Mary Janes. Work sounds busy. Don't forget to breathe!

  2. I'm sorry but I have absolutely no idea what the second paragraph means. I'm so computer unsavvy its untrue.
    Love the tartan wrap around, you've got a fab pair of pins! xxx

  3. XP what? I just turn the darn thing on and hope for the best. Love the arm junk and that awesome green ring

  4. Love the shortened kilt, and turquoise is one of my favourite colours too. Sounds like you've been busy, even though it's the holidays!
    I don't know a thing about any of the Windows stuff either! xxx

  5. How amazing do your legs look in that first outfit!!?? You are rocking that tweed skirt. And I nearly gasped at the beauty of that green beaded ring. Perfection. I've been wearing turquoise a bit too, it makes me think of you as you wear it so well. I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays & keep warm. Xx

  6. So cute and full of life! Love all the accessories too. I think we all just take a deep breath and hope for the best every time we turn on our 'puters. Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comments.

  7. As if! I love the top outfit, like, whatever!

  8. I love that first "clueless" skirt and also the bunny earrings *squee*


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