Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday - Flirty Floaty, with a bit of Fun Funk, and Pink Punk

Tonight I was home before it got dark.  This is a significant event because it meant that I could have a Friday outfit photo shoot in daylight.  

I loved wearing this outfit today.  The crepe pleated skirt dates from the 1980s or 1990s and the sequin sweater is modern and I found it at the Presbyterian Support Shop in the 50 cent section.  As well as the turquoise bangles I am wearing a watch and a ring in similar colours.  
 Flirty Floaty skirt is mid length but I am thinking of shortening it (well from the top/waist area).  
It only looks ankle length because the photographer is very tall.

It was a little bit girly and floaty and I felt a bit flirty and naughty.  And yes, that is blue in my hair.  Blue hair chalk which is a cheap way to add a splash of colour. 

For a more funky look, this is what I wore in the school holidays on one of several op shop expeditions with 12yo. 

 Cord skirt (Me Made), tights and sneakers (retail), 
leather jacket, black top, cardigan and beads (thrifted)

I think this was the day 12 yo said she did not want to go to a particular thrift store because it smelled.  I persuaded her.  Within a few seconds of entering the store she was rabid with excitement as she spotted a pair of Converse sneakers (which fitted her) for $5. She was a very happy girl. 

Another day I decided to wear pink and punk.  It was grey day so I wanted to wear pink and I realised that I had not yet worn my new plastic boots.  The pink Osti dress is too shabby for work now, but I thought it was perfect with the sequin sweater, skulls and roses leggings and zebra boots. 

If I recall correctly, the Osti dress was $2, the leather jacket $8 and the sweater 50 cents.

So, three outfits in one post.  I am going to the Vintage Round Market tomorrow - after going on a short excursion train-trip with Dear H and 12 yo.  I hope there will be opportunities to take lots of photos.  Computer is holding up okay, so I aim to post again this weekend. Hope you are all having a great Friday evening, xx Penny-Rose


  1. 3 great outfits! Loving the turquoise bangles, adoring the funky orange look. How hot are your legs!!!
    And groovy pink outfit. I SO wish I could join you at the Vintage Roundup. I'm sure the Squirrels $10 would be calling my name. Enjoy your weekend. Xx

  2. Loving your footwear, accessories, and leather, and the colours / patterns in #3 just sing. Cheers to daylight!

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the vintage roundup - hope to see you there!

  4. Love all the colours, especially the punky pink!
    Please say hi to Vanessa and Warren for me, and enjoy your weekend. xxx

  5. Hey sweet so nice to see you today....thank you for finding some treasures. Wishing you the most fabulous week ahead. Much love Vanessa

  6. I love the rabbit socks so very much! Tell us more about this vintage market!


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