Monday, May 5, 2014

Its definitely Autumn more bare legs that's for sure

Hello!!  As I was inserting my photos into today's post I noticed that I was wearing tights in each photo, and that lead to my post title "no more bare legs".  The fact is that although there have been one or two nice sunny days it is now too cold to have bare legs.  Tights are now compulsory. 

Left, 1980s polyester dress with circle skirt and bat wing sleeves, $3 from Toffs
Right, polyester shirt dress of a similar age with geometric print pattern and raglan short sleeves, $6 from Presbyterian Support.  

I have been quite busy the last week or so including two days with my daughter during the school holidays -  12yo and I went to the Famous Regent Theatre 24 Book Sale and visited several op shops too.  I also went on an overnight trip to Wellington for an important Union meeting, sadly no time for opshopping or any photos :-(  I have nearly finished my current sewing project (photos soon I promise) and I also put all my summer clothes which are not able to worn with tights or boots away into the top of the wardrobe. 

On a more formal note, one very special event was to attend my first Bat Mizvah for a dear friend's daughter.  I had not been to a synagogue before and was fascinated by the whole ceremony. After the service a delicious long lunch was held at my friend's house, and as I left in the late afternoon I noticed a gorgeous doe peering through the fence.  I think she is the one who is so tame my friend can hand feed her apples (just visible in the top left). 

Purple polyester dress worn with vintage Glengyle angora cardigan.

This last weekend I helped the same friend move out of her office which was located in an old insurance building.  The ceilings are dizzyingly high and all the walls are bare brick with exposed beams of wood and steel (photo bottom right).  There is no outfit photo because I wore jeans and a teeshirt and got all hot and sweaty.  Afterwards I  managed to squeeze in some shopping at Port Chalmers and called in to Box of Birds which was having a sale.  I bought this unusual border print polyester dress by Norman Linton for $10 which more than I would usually spend on 3 items but I think it was worth it:

Norman Linton polyester dress with unusual border print in dark blue and pink.

The autumn weather and the slowly encroaching dark in the evenings makes it really hard to take photos during the week.  One thing I have been doing is reading nearly every night and I was delighted that 12yo found me several more Stephen King hardback novels at the book sale - all for $1 each.  

Right, my laptop is practically burning up!
All for now, Penny-Rose xxx



  1. It's quite possible to wear tights all year round here, depending on what summer is like - there are never any guarantees that it will be hot! Love the first bright floral frock, so pretty. I see quite a few Norman Linton frocks in our charity shops, what a cool print on that one.
    Look at that gorgeous deer - a real life OBD! xxx

  2. Curtise is right, we have to wear tights in August occasionally! The Norman Linton dress is one of the nicest of theirs I've seen, it looks great on you, fab print.
    The deer is adorable, how sweet that she's tame enough to eat from your friend's hand! xxx

  3. You were such a special part of both the Bat Mitzvah and my moving. Thank you my friend, who always looks dashingly retro-ly fashionable even in jeans and sweating!

  4. Thank you soooooooo much for stopping by. I was missing you so.
    I love autumn. it is my favourite time of year and you look fabulous.
    We are in spring (crazy, no?)
    Love and sunshine of the soul

  5. Oh sweet that is the most fantastic print on the Norman Linton dress......great find. I would love to go to Box of Birds sale. Yip it is tights all the way now.
    Hope you have a great v

  6. This post contains some of my favourite things....frocks, deers and tights. I can't wait till I can wear tights on every outing. My specialist actually did a test & we figured out that my heart works more effectively with tights on my legs. Go figure. Maybe that's why I love winter so much? Gorgeous frocks. The new one from Box of Birds looks amazing on you. But I love them all with your tights and boots. Xx

  7. That bird print dress is stunning - well worth the $10! I wear tights most of the year here because I'm always cold, but lately I feel like I can't even wear ballerina flat, boots are compulsory :(


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