Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Post Easter Post

For me and my family, Easter is a much needed opportunity to take a break and relax.  12 yo daughter is too old for an Easter Egg hunt now but we still partake in a few choc eggs.  Here in New Zealand we have both Good Friday and the following Monday as Public Holidays.  Therefore we have a four day weekend!  There are certain laws about shops and restaurants being open, and over the years the loud voice of Joe and Josephine Public seems to demand the right to eat and drink, and shop, any day they wish, in fact any day a business wishes to be open.

Sadly this need to consume has overtaken the need for many to have a break and relax with family.  As a happy thrifter, opshopper and careful manager of the family pantry, I do not need (or want) to go retail shopping or dine out or go for a drink on a Public Holiday.  

On Sunday, when the sun finally came out from behind the stormy clouds caused by Cyclone Ita, my family and I went for a walk, and this is what we saw:

The stunning Otago Harbour - a rustic boatshed, a crab warming itself in the sun, a heron wading for snacks and a dead octopus.

Walking by the water is fascinating and with only a warm breeze to disturb the surface I could see lots of ripples caused by insects and tiny fish.  The octopus was huge - I estimate the head as large as a 12 yo!  Although it was dead, I realise how lucky I am to live where a live one would not be uncommon.  

In contrast to the calm harbour, the next day we went for a walk to Second Beach which bears the brunt of the Pacific ocean.  The beach is almost inaccessible but there is a pleasant walkway and unusual rock formations to admire:

Wearing vintage cotton smock shirt dress (the fabric is a bit like cordroy but the ridges are not as pronounced.  Jacket, boots and cardigan are all thrifted.  Leggings, scarf and hat are all retail. 

I managed to do a little sewing (nothing of note to share at present).  Also, for the first time ever I washed, dried and ironed some fabric prior to cutting out.  I know I should do this, but I usually can't be bothered.  Although it is not vintage fabric it is very much in the vintage theme and hence I decided to do the right thing and wash, and dry and iron!:

The pattern is huge and I realise I should have put a pen or something in the right hand photo so you could get an idea of proportion.  I am thinking of making something which requires minimal cutting so that the patterns are kept complete - like a shirt dress  - or something totally over the top and impractical like a big skirt.  The background is not white - in these photos it has a pink hue - but it is not calico coloured either.  The pattern is a dark blue that reminds me of the ink my Dad used when I was little - Parkers Quink Ink.  

Lastly I want to show what I was wearing today:

Pink Osti polyester dress from Toffs, pink cardigan from Savemart, leather jacket from the salvation Army.  Fox brooch a gift, tights and boots retail.  Earrings made in Dunedin by Kismet.

So, how was your Easter weekend? Did you have a relaxing weekend?  I hope so!

Bye for now, Penny-Rose xx


  1. I love you gorgeous jewellery and leather jacket and I think your stunning purple frock might be needle cord? I treated The Stylist at a cafe on Saturday and had to pay a public holiday surcharge - doesn't sound right. Did some grocery shopping on Thursday and there were empty shelves everywhere, seriously? Shops shut for one day and they're gutted? So weird. You did the right thing getting out to the beautiful beaches:) xxx

  2. My goodness, the print on that fabric is amazing!
    Love your purple floral dress, and a walk by the shore sounds the perfect way to spend a holiday weekend. Not much closes here anymore on Bank Holidays, it's business as usual. xxx

  3. Your photos always make me pine for Dunedin. You look gorgeous all rugged up in frocks & jackets. That fabric print is amazing. Love it. Can't wait to see what you make. I hope you have a good Anzac Day weekend. Xx

  4. I love that fabric - what a find! I'd go with a maxi length waistcoat and stick it on top of absolutely everything!
    Gorgeous scenery. How lovely to be so close to the sea. xxx

  5. Hi Penny-Rose! I vote for the huge skirt idea for that AWESOME fabric. It would really let the fabric take center stage. Did you see the skirt I made for my brother's wedding in March? Another skirt style I like using to show off a fabric is the one I made for Christmas with the Rudolph fabric.

    I am so impressed by your octopus sighting!!!! My great claim to nautical sightings is finding a starfish on the beach! Hahaha!!!

  6. Easter is my favourite holiday by far - there are no great expectations on you like at Christmas, so if you are not religious you can just take some time to relax (and eat chocolate obviously!). I DO love your fabric, have you made anything with it yet? I can imagine it becoming a circle skirt!


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