Friday, April 4, 2014

Colour Block Friday and I found a purple dress

This week I wore something a bit different on Friday, so I can't really call this a FOF post - it is however a Colour Block post.

I am behind in blogging and reading due to a cold.  An annoying cold. 
Bright colours certainly compensate for not feeling 100%.

 Purple skirt - was once an evening dress - from Toffs, with teeshirt and cardigan both from Hospice Shop.  Shoes, watch and liquorice allsorts earrings all retail.

This outfit started from the ground up - I bought the shoes on Thursday and noticed when I put them on that there were flashes of purple - so I put on a purple skirt - then I could see sparks of yellow (very tiny ones) so I put on a yellow tee shirt - then I could see a bit of blue like a cloud - so naturally, I put on a turquoise cardigan.  Voila.  I found the badge at a music store which was closing down at lunchtime on Friday.  The irony is, that the badge was probably made in China. 

Earlier in the week I wore the same colour combination - purple and turquoise:

The dress is much much more purple in real life.  I pounced on it in the St V de P Shop, because I don't have a plain purple dress.  The nuclear free belt was a gift from my dear op-shopping buddy Tanya, the bracelets are a mix of thrift and KMART.  Like many dresses of its era, it has an elastic waist which was tiny.  I used my quick-unpick to undo some of the elastic and then carefully cut, allowing for several extra inches in the waist.  Fortunately because the skirt is pleated this was a very satisfactory arrangement.  

My cold is now mostly gone, except for an annoying cough.  As it happens, I have been dosing myself with lots of vitamin C by drinking the cordial I made from a large portion of the blackcurrants I harvested in the summer.  Purple definitely has therapeutic qualities.

Hope you are all well and having a great weekend, 
bye for now, Penny-Rose :-)



  1. Oh I love purple and turquoise too, a fabulous combination, and definitely one with therapeutic properties! That's an excellent frock. Sorry you've been ill, hope the cough is all gone very soon. xxx

  2. One of my favourite colour combos, I do get excited when I find maxis combining the two! Feel much better soon! xxx

  3. You look gorgeous in both purple & turquoise. I do love that dress on you. Sorry you've not been well. There sure seem to be a lot of bugs around at the moment. We booked our flights to Dunedin today for the 19th of August. Yipee!!! Looking forward to seeing you again. Xx

  4. I love that colour combination and your purple frock is lovely. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Oh I hope you are feeling better sweet.......yucky autumn colds.
    I cut the elastic on waistbands all the time. The purple dress is fantastic on you, great find.
    Love v

  6. Thank you soooooooooo much for your visit, you are sooooooo lovely.
    I am honoured.
    Do keep in touch
    Happy weekend

  7. those elastic waist dresses drive me crazy. I never know what size they are. Is the waist a 28" or 34"?

  8. I'm totally loving that pinback button and sneakers!


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