Thursday, April 10, 2014

Would I be alive if I lived in a black and white world?

I seem to be loving colour more than ever at the moment - may be its the changing seasons.  We have just turned back our clocks to end daylight savings, and the result is: very few outfit photos.

Luckily, here are a couple I prepared earlier.  

I loved wearing this outfit, just ignore my facial expression.  The skirt is a die-hard favourite which I found at a rummage at a school fair.  I bought it with several other items for a couple of bucks.  My only criticism of it is that the waist band was sewn with invisible thread which has started breaking and now little prickly bits dig into my stomach (maybe that explains the facial expression! )

Me Made top, thrifted skirt, jacket and flower both retail, plastic shoes borrowed from 12yo daughter.  French jet (ie glass) necklace dating bought on Trademe for $1.

The other outfit I want to show you tonight is a violent combination of yellow and pink.  Inspired by my birdcage earrings:

 1980s? cotton linen dress from Toffs, cardigan from Savemart,  
Heart necklace made by my daughter about 6 years ago.
Birdcage earrings retail - the birds really swing.

I lied about the violent bit.  Although I had to be be-headed LOL.  The lighting in the hallway is not flattering for my complexion - although the end result is that it is a very true representation of the colours of the dress & cardi.

Its been a very busy week work-wise plus I had a Union meeting, also 12yo had her final waterpolo game of the season (a win yay) and today the final volleyball game (a loss to an all boys team but it was lots of fun).  My other bit of news is that the local council have granted us planning permission to build a house!!!  This means that we can now talk to the builder and work out when things actually start!    

Hope you all have a great weekend, 
take care, 
Penny-Rose xxx


  1. I used to have a pendant that matched your earrings! Love pink and yellow together, so cheery.
    Great news about your house! xxx

  2. Nice to see you've styled up the yellow dress pic with a matching ironing board! ;-)
    I always love the backgrounds of people's photos - little sneaky peeks into their domestic arrangements. Radiant colours as always.

  3. Looking lovely.....I do love that skirt on you. And those bird earrings are so sweet. How exciting that the house plans can really get underway. We tried taking some outfit photos yesterday but it was far too bright, & hot at 33 degrees! Xx

  4. Congratulations on your house news! Such an exciting time for your whole family:). Oh yesssssss to the neon yellow frock and pink cardigan, the bird earrings are incredible!!!!! Love them! xoxo

  5. birdcage earrings? how fun!! And for your new house, you should totally build a hobbit hole!!

  6. Oh I'm like a million years behind in all my blog reading! Just wanted to say - I love that heart pendant and I still want some of those plastic shoes, you make then look so fabulous. Best of luck building your very own home, that is exciting news.


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