Sunday, April 13, 2014

Patterns and Patterns, green and green

Hi Everyone, 

I hope that blog post title isn't too boring to catch your attention.  I may have posted a few colour blocked outfits recently, but I still love patterns - especially spots, dots, dashes, blobs, and lines.  

I really really like graduated patterns which go from the hem upwards!  Anyway, on St Patrick's day, I was in a dilemma about which green dress to wear (I have several) and I ended up wearing this one (which has spots and stripes at the collar and cuffs and the belt):


The dress above (a St Michael special for tall women)  may be getting too small for me - or maybe its just my posture.  In honour of St Paddy I also put a demure green streak through my hair and wore my green hair clips.  I do have green shoes but I cannot wear them at present as my torn plantar fascia is still giving me a few problems (arch of my foot).  The red shoes were chosen by my friends and readers via my facebook page.  The silver hoop earrings were my all time favourites as they went with everything.  During one of my Friday lunchtime catch-ups with my Dear Friend Lisa, I lost one and did not realise until I got home.  I am now on a quest for a replacement pair.

With the Easter holidays coming up (combined with School holidays) I am hoping to do some more sewing.  I keep finding awesome sewing patterns that I just have to buy.  They are only a few cents each!  They are green too, in as much that I can recycle them and use them, or use them to wrap gifts. 

The one in the centre one is a vintage Vogue and I love the neckline variation.  The Weigels (bottom row centre) is far too small for me, but I could not resist the cute picture.  I did not realise when I made this collage that the name of pattern and the pattern number were chopped off, which is a bit annoying when I think that I am trying to keep a visual record of my patterns!  Sometimes, I am just so keen to get the photos in a collage and posted I do not think about what things look like from the readers point of view.  

Okay, its a Monday night, and a pumpkin risotto is on the stove simmering, cold roast lamb is being carved and I just need to cook some greenery.  The fire it lit and one cat is positioned on a chair directly underneath the kitchen table (the roast lamb being directly above her).  Her brother is throwing himself at the front door demanding to be let in. Silly cat.

Bye for now, Penny-Rose


  1. Can't beat a bit of old M&S! Have you tried dip-dying to get that graduated effect? It's really easy and transforms a mundane cotton bag or faded skirt.
    Love those patterns. Always snap up fast & Easy or Jiffys as I can whip them up in an afternoon. xx

  2. The dress looks lovely, and all those great patterns are reminding me that I need to crack on with some sewing... xxxx

  3. What a CUTE post :) and your blog is so fab and fun.

    Check out my new post....How you decorate a small space to look bigger :)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  4. You are glorious in green! Loving the whole combo. So sorry you've had foot problems. I tore my posterior tibial tendon back in 2006. It took many years before I could wear it unstrapped. Makes you realise how much you need your feet! Loving your patterns, especially the second one. Xx


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