Sunday, March 23, 2014

Otago Anniversary Day (photos are not related)

Its Otago Anniversary day and I have spent the day at home.  There is no school on this auspicious day.  But 60% of businesses are open.  Except banks and public services and the City Council.  I was happy to be home rather than at work.  12 yo has been at a friend's house for a few hours and listening to her ipod/playing on the computer.  While she was away I made several bottles of Blackcurrant cordial.  I also cooked some pears and put them in the freezer to make into a pudding on a cold winter night.  Roast beef and roasted kumara and potatoes also came out of the oven and some slightly overcooked ANZAC biscuits.  I finished a skirt from a remnant and a top in that Miami-meets-Cuba black rayon fabric that I showed you the other day. 

I have a slight cold.  Its annoying me.  I don't think I have had a cold for ages, possibly even a year.  12 yo was off school for a couple of days last week - poor lass could not move without needing a box of tissues and some Vicks.  Dear H and I shared the care 50/50 and I did quite a bit of sewing and reading.  Now I have the cold and it is making me scratchy and crabby.  I've had other things and injuries (shoulder and elbow, and then my foot).  Somehow the petty common cold is the most annoying. 

Moving right along: these photos have nothing whatsoever to do with Anniversary Day.  I had these in a "draft" post from a couple of weeks back when it was so cold I had to wear what I consider to be winter clothes.

First up: a light blue raglan short sleeved Courtelle sweater and a Glengyle cardigan with angora.   Alas, I forget what I wore on my bottom half.

Clockwise from top left: Bad photo of cute kitten necklace which I bought from Wellington Airport last year.  Real cute cat - not for sale.  Unless she brings a rat in the house again and then I would seriously consider it.  Real fur collar and bobble scarf I bought for $1 on Trademe.  I had to wash in in wool mix.  The collar is still a bit manky but I love the bobbles.  I like tickling my nose with them.  Badge bought retail when I had more money than sense.  Dorothy Parker is my heroine.  I see people peering at me trying to read the font.  On the inside I laugh. 

Vintage evening dress chopped off at bust and made into a skirt.  Zany stripey socks I have had for years and years.  Plastic boots which were necessary due to lots of rain.  Also I tore my plantar fascia and could only wear limited shoes for nearly three weeks.  Two plastic necklaces with black tee shirt and orange cardigan - the top part of the purple skirt outfit.  Truth be told I could not be bothered taking a photo in the rain.  Green check apron with ric rac.  Worn over aforementioned outfit while cooking tea.  Gift from my much missed and loved mother-in-law.  

Okay, that's all from me for now.  I need to make a hot blackcurrant drink and taken a couple of panadol.  Hope you are all keeping well!

Bye for now, Penny-Rose


  1. Oh dear, hope you feel much better soon.
    Cute beads and furry pom poms, but the star of the show is the kitty, she looks very like my Charlie Bubble (also our resident rat catcher!) xxx

  2. Ugh, I hate hate hate having a cold. It's not enough to make you completely bedridden, but it makes being up and active perfectly horrible.


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