Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My mind is mooshy like a ripe banana

Hi everyone - hope you are having a good week.  My mind is a bit mooshy (like an over ripe banana) because I have been busy.  With a capital B.  Wednesday last week to Monday this week I was covering for a work colleague who had a sick child.  The weekend just flew by at lightning speed.  Today, I was at Union Leadership training all day and then dashed into work to do a hand-over catch-up with my colleague.  

I recall posting on Facebook about Frock on Friday but I was not sharp enough to get a blog post sorted.  Anyway, here it is:

Vintage cotton sundress found at Restore.  I would n't say it was a refashion, more like a tweaking.  I paired it up with neon plastic shoes, a selection of bangles and rings and a cotton cardigan.  The green flower hair clips were a gift from my op shop buddy Tanya, and the awesome stags head brooch is from the lovely Vintage Bird Girl. 

Last week the weather was more like autumn than late summer - reluctantly I had to wear tights!  And a coat.  And a hat.  And a scarf.  Again neon yellow accessories:

Garish neon polyester dress with neon yellow tights.  Note the boots, scarf and jacket 
AS WELL AS a cardigan.  The weather was cold.  

I wasn't going to post a pic of today's outfit - when  I saw the photos this is what came to mind:

In reality it was not quite this unflattering.  Dear H took about half a dozen pics and this is the only one which does not have the tyre effect on my torso:

Acrylic sweater from Toffs (it is more like a granny smith apple in reality) 
worn with Paul Klee print skirt, which started life as a maxi dress and vintage black necklace (both from Presbyterian Support Shop), neon yellow plastic shoes, bracelets and watch all retail.

 Maybe my mooshy brain has affected my body image/perception.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments and suggestions about my sewing UFOs, I will be posting an update on my projects again soon.

All for now, Penny-Rose, xx


  1. Hehee I did laugh at the Michelin man photo....I often feel like that with my extra belly rolls. I love the colour of that green top & there is no Michelin man in sight.. Love the first frock & Mr Stag. And I'm oh so jealous of you in tights & a jacket. I am willing it to get colder here, but I'm afraid summer will continue for another couple of months at least! I hope the mooshy week gets less mooshy for you. Xx

  2. Those are some bright shoes and tights! The weather has been bonkers here too. I think we can all agree there is nothing of the Michelin man about you!

  3. Love that photo of you laughing! Such a cool frock too.
    No, you do NOT look like the Michelin Man, though I know what you mean about some photos just feeling all wrong - that's what the delete function is for!
    Hope life becomes less busy and the brain less mooshy! xxx

  4. That is a lovely photo of you laughing and its always good to see your gorgeous kitty! xxx

  5. Loving your frocks and cardiis. Black cat looks a sweetie.

  6. Grrr I just lost the comment again......computer issues!!!!!
    Anyhoo.......you poor ripe banana......I hope you can take a break soon.
    The photo of you laughing is lovely.
    I feel like the padded pic all the time lately......fat and round.......on going health issues and being exhausted all the time.....I think I maybe a rotten banana.
    Sending a big squirrel hug lovely lady....take care.....love v


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