Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Treasure from the Library book sale and the Regent Anything but Book sale

I went to the Dunedin Public Library Annual Booksale a couple of Friday's ago, and again on the Saturday morning.  Between us we bought around around 50 books.  I enjoyed musing over the complete works of John Buchan, the Harry Potter books in Japanese, napkin folding for beginners, several biographies of Lewis Carroll.  

Wearing a vintage 1970s(?) paisley dress found at ReStore, then taken apart and put back together again - in terms of sewing accuracy and better fit.  Plastic Shoes (retail) and plastic bangles (thrifted).  Knitted bag from Toffs and orange cardigan from Hospice Shop. 

I made a small number of restrained book purchases:  definitive NZ book on Rhododendrons and Azaleas as there are lots of both in the (existing) garden near where I am going to build a house (one day), vintage Preserving Book published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries published in 1940 by His Majesty's Stationery Office Price 4d NET.  Where does our food come from?  Kitchen Literacy will help me find out. 

Planning to become a better crochet-er.  Or more successful.  My favourite pattern is one I would never wear,  but I can imagine it on Vix. 

At the Anything But Books Sale, I was not really planning on buying anything.  I was quite happy just browsing and being in my own little fossicking world.  Until a voice came over the loudspeaker and announced A box of magazines for $5 and a bag of other ephemera for $2 or less.  

Then I thought why the hell not.  Just pick stuff which has cool pictures.  So I did.

First up some Vinyl: 

Dean Martin - very smooth and look what the bonny lass is wearing in the background, my goodness she must be wearing a bullet bra!!!  Harry Owens I have never heard of you but the Sheila (NZ archaic slang for woman) with the flower behind her ear and the lei has lovely hair and was purchased because I was (and continue) to think of warm sunny beaches (there is a theme here I am sure).  Belly Dance album - (how could I say no to this!! ) is unused!   

I haven't seen High Society (pic below top left) but the cover appealed to me because of Grace Kelly.  The rest of the collage below are all sheet music which I could not resist buying.  Please don't think that my taste in music is this varied.  How "The Poor People of Paris" got amongst my collection I am not sure.....I think it was a stowaway. 

 I got this lot for $2 which I think was a bargain.  I intend to frame a few of them - the two 1930s ones (Cafe Continental and Buttercup Lane are lovely.  Which one is your favourite?

Hope you are all having a good week, 
Bye for now,
Penny-Rose xx


  1. The belly dance one, the lady on the cover looks like you know who! What a great score!

    and I'm first!

  2. Freaky! I bought my Mum that book so she'd make me that bikini but sadly she never got around to it. One day I'll find someone to make it for me!!
    Love the reconstructed dress and the Belly Dance LP cover. I remember seeing a room divider in a swanky design catalogue with gaps to slot albums in. Wouldn't that be fab? You could have a different theme each week - swing, world music, metal! xxxx

  3. Ha, I thought the same as Thorne G, the belly dancing babe is a dead ringer for our Vix! I have some metal frames for album covers and swap them out now and again, they look great on the wall and make some use of all our old vinyl.
    I'm loving Buttercup Lane, Dean's cheeky look, Millie (I sing My Boy Lollipop to my son - you can imagine how he adores that...) and Cafe Continental.
    Lovely frock, btw. Yellow! xxx

  4. O, splendid scores! I do love a book sale, but have been avoiding them for a bit, as I have literally no where for the books I have! XXX


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