Friday, May 9, 2014

Bright is Might

The highlight of this week for me was a lunchtime catch-up with my friend Tanya.  We went to The Cuckoo's Nest store in St Andrew Street which is closing down sadly.  As well as selling some lovely vintage items from Most Wanted Vintage there are a number of ethically dresses, bags and jewellery from Africa and Asia.  New Zealand also features strongly with jewellery made from all kinds of materials including recycled remains of homes which were destroyed in the Christchurch earthquake.  Afterwards we crossed the road to visit the Presbyterian Support Shop.  In the dress-up box I discovered a fabulous gold belt which matched my outfit:
 Paul Klee print skirt - originally a maxi dress but cut in half by me to make a skirt and a top - from the Presbyterian Support Shop.  It once belonged to the Manager!! One day when I was wearing it she saw me and told me!!  Various plastic bangles from Trademe or op shopped.  Old pearl necklace belonged to my Grandmother, the blue and orange beads both thrifted.

Yesterday, Friday I decided that I needed more brightness, more colour and more, well more WOW.  I wore my new favourite polyester shirt dress which is garish neon green yellow purple and blue.  The left hand photo is what it looks like in the car.  I was playing with my camera.
 Garish polyester shirt dress, op shopped.  
Cardigan, boots and most jewellery also op shopped.  
I think I am in love with turquoise. 

The neon yellow tights are from KMART - one of the few budget brands which actually fit properly.  

Its been a lovely sunny day here in Dunedin - I managed to get several loads of washing dried and this afternoon I hemmed a grey pullover dress which I made a couple of weeks ago and made a big pot of pumpkin soup.  One of the joys of autumn is the comfort from a fire and a bowl of soup.

Hope you are all having a good weekend, xx Penny-Rose


  1. I really like the colourful poly dress!!!

  2. ha, love the punk badge. It looks so sweet on your sweater. Keeps them guessing

  3. The turquoise neon print combo is fab - turning up the volume

  4. What's life without glorious colour? You've excelled yourself with colour this weekend!

  5. Wow!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that second dress - bring on ALL the colour I say xoxox


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