Saturday, May 24, 2014

Some sunny weekend days

Dunedin is being tormented by a number of cold fronts at the moment.  Yesterday there were wind gusts of 130km hr.  A couple of weeks ago or so, there were some stunning sunny days.  I rarely take outfit photos in the weekend because I am usually too busy!  

Today, I thought I would give you a peep into my weekend world:

 Left: embroidered skirt from Toffs, thrifted top and cardigan, various plastic bangles, vintage necklace.  Attractive gum boots (Wellingtons) worn due to mud at the soon-to-be-building site. Earlier in the day was spent in town getting hair cut for 12yo and other chores.
Right: jacket, teeshirt, jeans and boots all op-shopped.  My usual weekend garb. Photo taken in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. 

On this particular day the gardens were looking beautiful - it was one of those days were the simple act of strolling around in the sun was good for the soul.  

I bought three romance graphic novels the other day and a pin-up tin tray.  I played around with the images and made a collage.  I think I might add it to my blog page! 

Hope you are all having a great weekend, I have some outfit posts from last week to show you so be sure to stop by and say hello.

Bye, Penny-Rose 



  1. The collage at the top of your page looks fabulous.
    Yay to the summer days we had a few weeks ago, hard to believe now with the crazy storm outside. The embroidered skirt is fantastic and looks great with the red twin set.
    Hope you have a wonderful week......stay warm. Love v

  2. You look so good in either red or orange, it really suits you. So funny that you're in the grip of a cold snap while we're still feeling hot. It's been up to 28 degrees this past week which makes me rather annoyed. Can't wait for some cold Dunedin weather in August! Xx

  3. Loving the new header and those blue skies in the background. That wind sounds ferocious.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend in an equally colourful fashion! x

  4. The collage looks great, and I love that embroidered skirt! Don't get blown over by those high winds! xxx

  5. Love the new header! I don't think I've ever seen you in jeans!

  6. That skirt is fab and the botanical gardens do look beautiful. Loving the new header too :)


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