Monday, May 26, 2014

Some sewing projects and the world's Ugliest Pullover.

I am in awe of sewing bloggers like Trees who manages to showcase several homemade outfits in one week. My effort for Me Made May started off with good intentions and then fizzled a bit.  Let me explain why.

Here I am wearing my miami does cuba print top with a cord skirt, leopard tights and never fail bow boots.  

My photographer cunningly took this photo from an angle that reduces the amount of thigh on show - the truth be told, this skirt is a lot shorter than what I am used to. Although both items are functional and not unattractive I do not consider either to be favourites - the cord skirt crunches when I sit down and the rayon cotton mix top needs fastidious ironing.   

Now, dear readers, I want to share with you something truly hideous.  I trust you by now to share my absolute worst sewing project.  Ever.  I present to you, the worlds ugliest pullover:

I am so unimpressed with this Me Made sewing project that I deliberately cut my head out of the photos.  I dutifully followed a vintage pattern - even measuring myself and then comparing with the "Finished garment size" on the envelope.  I sweated over the V neckline and even accepted a compromise V with a slightly rounded bottom, used some groovy floral fabric for the facings, and twice took in swathes of fabric under the arms all the way to the hem to try and get a better fit.  In the eternal words of Grumpy Cat.  I hate it.  

I am not being harsh, the fact is that I never thought that the top part would be so ugly and unflattering.  The shoulder seams are so wide and the V so small that you can barely see any of the fabulous blouse I am wearing underneath - a gift from the lovely Vintage Bird Girl.  

Vertical darts in the front and back may well give this pullover a bit more shape and therefore appear more flattering.  But the time spent doing this would be wasted as it is the top I hate.  Off to the op shop it goes.  The material - a lovely grey wool poly blend was $5 for about 2 metres from the Hospice Shop.  The pattern was probably 50cents or less and the facings were a $2 shirt from Toffs.  I do not begrudge the expenses on materials, only the hours of time spent crafting this object of hideousness.  

I am not letting this get me down and have several other UFO's stockpiled and ready to be completed for next summer.  Next post will be about op shop finds and a new polyester shirt dress!!

Bye for now, Penny-Rose 


  1. Well, some you win, some you lose! If you don't like it, it has to go. It is frustrating to spend time on something which doesn't end up being what you want, but I'm sure you learnt from the process too. On the positive side, the blouse from Leisa is fabulous, as are those leopard print tights! xxx

  2. Oh no! I've had that situation - you wear your fabulous piece (in your case, the blouse) hoping to mitigate an unfortunate piece of clothing and still no fireworks. Sorry you are disappointed. In the light I'm at it's hard to see the Item of Digust, but quickly shed this object of hideousness (laugh!). You next piece will be stunning to make up for it. Love your short skirt and mad mixing!

  3. Aww...thanks for the shout out! I'm so sorry about your pull over but I get it - I've so BEEN there! Many swear words have been spoken, items have been stuffed into bags to be finished when I'm in a better mood and some stuff has been thrown across the room. I find sometimes, projects just don't work out - wrong pattern, wrong fabric, wrong style for your body shape and those vintage patterns can be deceptive when there are only drawings and no photos of actual people wearing the garment! But this is not the end! You next project will be better and you will get better!! I usually like to make a simple project like a A-line skirt when I have had a "fail" - it perks me up a bit and makes me realise I still can sew! Maybe try something similar?

  4. I can relate to your post as I have temporarily lost my sewing mojo. Even a simple A-line skirt seems too much or god forbid a hem adjustment! I don't seem to have time any more. But I haven't given up hope will keep trying, as I know you will. The rewards are worth it.


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