Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend round-up ....where does the time go?

Well I am not sure what my dear readers do in the weekend, but I try to mix some fun things in with the chores: purchasing new slippers for my 10yo, grocery shopping, searching for scooter handle bar grips, washing, making zucchini/courgette pies for the freezer, knitting a few rows of a new project, cooking the silverside (corned beef), going to the Video/DVD rental store to find Avatar, eating Whittakers caramel chocolate....I think you get the picture. I hope you do get the picture, because there are no pictures of my weekend!  I was too busy!!
In the spirit of thriftiness I used the zucchinis from my garden and those kindly given to me by my mother to make the famous Kay's Vegetable pie.  I thought you might like it so here it is:

Kay's Vegetable Pie
3 grated zucchinis
2 grated carrots
1 grated onion
1 cup grated cheese
1 cup flour 
1/2 cup of oil
3 eggs 

in a bowl combine egg and oil with salt and pepper to flavour
in another bowl combine all the veges, flour and 3/4 cup of the cheese

fill a pie dish, I use a lasagne dish with the vege mixture
gently pour over the oil and egg mixture
I carefully make sure the liquid part mixes in with the veges using a fork.  
top with the remainder of the grated cheese.

bake in a hot over 180-190C for about 45 mins

Variation: using a can of asparagus 
drain can of asparagus and save 1/4 cup of liquid.
Make pie as above using liquid instead of oil.

I confess, I regularly forget the oil and it still turns out delicious.
I had so many zucchinis I made the equivalent of 4 pies. Most will go in the freezer for winter.

Last night my dear darling H and I watched Moby Dick.  We did not realise that it was a two part / mini series, so we had to watch the last hour this morning as we were both worried we would fall asleep and miss some of it.  Ethan Hawke, William Hurt, Gillian Anderson and Donald Sutherland were all fantastic.  The whale was magnificent too.  I got totally caught up in the pursuit and felt in parts it was as thrilling as Jaws.  I have not read the book but now I think I must.

Today we went to the "new" Plaza Cafe at the Plaza by the new stadium for a late morning tea. New is in quote marks, because I think its been open for a couple of months.  It was very crowded because of the Masters Games, but never mind.  Although I was impressed with the layout and furniture and the screens made of plants, I found the hot chocolate I ordered to be more water than milk and too frothy.   Dear H thought the Long Black was not one of the best.  However, 10 yo thought the Spider made with pepsi was lovely.  Afterwards we did a quick walk around the perimeter of the stadium to get the blood pumping.

This afternoon I hauled out the Husky so that I could finally hem two polyester shirt dresses which have been unworn since Winter because of drooping hems.  
I also put a casing on a skirt and threaded through some elastic.
You haven't seen this shirt dress before - here it is, and you can see the sleeves needed hemming too. 

Polyester Shirt dress, Milton Salvation Army $4

I thought you also might like to see the cool vintage Bendon Sundress I scored a few weeks ago at the Hospice Butterflies shop:

Bendon Polyester sundress, Hospital Butteflies Shop, $6

 I am thinking of wearing it to the family wedding we are going to in early March.  
I just need something like a shrug to go with it.  
As it happens I am knitting something and will show you soon, which I hope will do the trick.

In terms of my completed sewing projects here is the shift dress I made from some amazing batik with peonies, fish and crabs:

Batik cotton, Trademe, $6
Blue cotton bias binding, Butterflies, 50 cents
 I used thrifted blue bias binding from the Hospice shop around the neck - 
I could not get a neat V shape, but I am very happy with the variation below:

This afternoon I made a batch of ANZAC biscuits and Chocolate Caramel Slice and
for tea tonight I made pikelets which are a family favourite.  

I was thinking how much I enjoy cooking and smiling to myself knowing that both husband and daughter have their lunchboxes envied by friends as there is always something home made inside and I realised that home cooking is really important to me.  So, cooking will become part of my blog from now on.  I don't have a huge stack of cookery books and don't particularly like modern cooking programmes, but I do have a few fail safe family favourites which are tasty and economical.  

My clothing and sewing thrifty have taken a back seat this weekend while I filled several tummies and the pantry!!  What have you been up to?  


  1. Wow! You have had a busy (and very productive) weekend. Looking forward to those recipes. I like putting homemade treats in my kids lunchboxes too. I made choc whoopie pies this arvo, but there are only two left. They've been told: "they're for your lunch tomorrow! Do not eat!" I wonder if there will be any left tomorrow???

  2. Liking the sound of that pie, thanks for sharing the recipe.
    That Bendon's dress is lovely, the label is really cute. x

  3. Super busy weekend! I know the feeling - I really want a weekend where I can relax.

    I really love the Bendon dress, I didn't realise they made outerwear at one stage - or is it different to the underwear company?


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