Saturday, February 4, 2012

I came, I saw, I conquered - Saturday escapades, Part 3

Next stop on my Saturday adventure: Restore on Vogel Street.  

Restore is crammed full of stuff.  I mean it is absolutely bulging at the seams full of stuff.  I haven't been for a little while and I was feeling a little weary, after my trek to Toffs and Savemart.  However, I had a good feeling about stopping here before heading home.  

The patron Saint of thrifting, whomever they may be, must have looked kindly upon me because my eyes fell on the most amazing maxi dress the moment I walked into the door:

This photo does not do it justice - I used Ultra vivid to try and capture the truly awesome lime lining but it still not quite right.

This vision of loveliness was $8 it doesn't have a label but its lurex and I am guessing it dates from the 1970s.  So, with a happy heart and this firmly tucked under my arm I made my way towards the fabric and patterns, and then......, then I saw this:

Another maxi dress - this one in black and white with the most spectacular coloured and gold braid.

The photo of the label is upside down I now realise as well as being more than a little fuzzy, but it says Estelle Rose, Made in New Zealand.  It was priced at $6.

I also picked up three more sewing patterns, a selection of StitchCraft magazines and an English Women's Weekly all for $1.  I'll be showing you more of those later in the week.  

When I got home I immediately tried on both dresses - why didn't I try them on in the shop I hear you all asking, well, I'll tell you.  The changing room is not very private and a dress requires complete disrobing and I felt a little shy.  Anyway, the green lurex number fits well - although it would seem that 30 or 40 years ago, ladies had skinnier arms than I have as the sleeves are very snug.  Alas, the black and white number cannot be done up beyond my bra strap, and despite changing to a smaller bra and therefore allowing for more room in the front, there is about 1.5 cm of space between the left and right side of the zip.  I am a bit disappointed but not heartbroken, so I will be putting on Trademe, with detailed measurements and a reserve not far from what I paid for it.  Both dresses have been lovingly hand washed in wool mix, carefully rinsed in Cuddley, rinsed again and drip dried on the line in the late afternoon breeze.  

So have you ever bought anything only to find that it does not quite fit you when you get home?  Do you think it is ethical to sell such items on Trademe, and seeing as I bought this from a charity is it mean-spirited of me to try and make a modest profit?  Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  


  1. I love both the dresses, a shame the second one didn't fit:( I think its ok to sell it on trade me, I have done that in the past. Next time I come to Dunedin, you will have to take me op-shopping:)

  2. I'm sure Helga sent me an almost identical dress to the lurex one maxi, I'm trying to remember when I posted about it.
    The braided one is a stunner, I wish I could find something as fabulous. x

  3. Thanks for these op shop reviews. Grand stuff.
    ReStore represents all the hopes we were foolish to hope.
    I am impressed that you found such quality dresses there. I head straight to the book section ^^


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