Saturday, February 4, 2012

I came, I saw, I conquered - Saturday escapades, Part 2

Next on my tour of second-shops was Stafford Street.  

This building has recently had a coat of paint and is looking fabulous.  

 I could not resist taking a photo of this "Epic" grafitti on the back of a building on Princes Street, but it clearly visible from Stafford Street.

Iconic Sew Hoy Building on the left, now the home to Savemart, and the little building on the right is "Glue".  

I was fascinated by these creepy cats ......part of me wanted to go in and pat them, the other part of me wanted to run, run screaming, far far away.  

Opposite Savemart is the Sew Hoy Oriental Food Asian Supermarket.

I spent nearly an hour in Savemart - again, though I left empty handed.  


  1. I love those creepy cats - but then creepy & cute are two of my favourite things:)

  2. I hold steadfastly to my opinion that Savemart is overpriced and over categorised. There is no thrill of the hunt or bargains.
    Glue is a groovy shop though.


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