Thursday, February 16, 2012

A personal challenge

This week I thought I would try and wear clothes or combinations of clothes that I had not worn before.  I feel like I have been wearing the same old stuff for a while and got into a "put a dress on because it is easy and I don't have to make much effort" rut.

Because I am still not feeling 100% and I am a teensy bit shy, I thought I would post retrospectively rather than make a bold claim and not be able to live up to it.  Aren't I silly??

MONDAY:Anyway, first up is the blue dress from my post last week - which had fallen-down-hem-and-sleeves in the weekend but is now completely wearable:

Blue polyester shirt dress, Milton Salvation Army $4
teamed up with grey cardigan from Recycle Boutique $4.50
silver grey waist belt from Portmans - bought on sale for less than $20 about 4 years ago
TUESDAY: Next I tried the 1950's rock and roll look....

Rock and Roll Skirt, St V de P $4
lurex top with silver embroidery, one of 10 items in a $1 fill a bag at Port Chalmers School fair
yellow shoes from Rubi $10, bought before Christmas
 Here I am pretending to sit on my daughter's swing....hoping that the branch does not break while the photo is being taken LOL.

I love the low back on this top, but have been a bit too shy to wear it at work as it reveals my tattoo and I am in a semi corporate / management office.  Anyway, enough excuses, I have never worn it before so I wore it and got lots of compliments.  You can also see my earrings in the photo above which are little white rabbits made from perspex - bought on Trademe.

Here is a close up of the shoes - they are totally fake ie made from made in china man made stuff, but they are very comfortable and they make me think of my mothers Scholl sandals she wore in the 1970s.

WEDNESDAY: I forgot to take a photo....honestly I was dog-tired when I got home and not in the mood for having my photo taken.  I wore a shift dress I bought from Milton which I have discovered is a teeny tiny bit small for me across the shoulders and when I put my arms forward the hem shot upwards dramatically.

THURSDAY: Today, I confess I needed to wear a long skirt because I was too lazy to shave my legs.  So, I dug out a long black vintage petticoat I bought in Oamaru as my starting point - here I am at the end of the day:

 Vintage petticoat $10 bought at Oamaru Victorian Fete - this was the first wearing!!
Close up of top made by refashioning a dress I made last year and using a $5 scarf from Equip to make the sleeves, front facing and the bow. Worn with black Obi belt bought from Ezibuy about 7 years ago.
Black cut glass Deco necklace from Trademe 
Jewellery and shoes:

Turquoise coloured stone ring $3 Warrington Market
Bubble glitter flower ring which was a gift from my lovely daughter. 
She bought it from Harry Wragg in Melbourne, not the one in town the one in Brunswick Street.
Shell coloured bracelet from JayJays $5
Beloved Keds from the Warehouse about 2 years ago for $7 - on sale

So, tomorrow is day 5 of my personal challenge.  I have to wear an item or a combination of items that I have not worn previously.  As I work in an office I can't wear the light blue coloured slip and rainbow jacket I have been wanting to wear for ages, nor the while and purple flowered caftan-esque housecoat.  I will post the results in the weekend.  Hope you are all having a great week and whatever challenges you are facing, whether they be by choice or chance, I hope you are successful!


  1. You've done well.
    Glad I'm not the only one too lazy to shave my legs sometimes...that's what maxi's are for, aren't they?

  2. The more pics you do the easier it gets Hubby cant believe I take so many now as I used to be camera shy lol so nice to see you at last.Let the tat be seen you may find all your work buddies have one xx

    1. Ahhhh, I forgot to take a photo for Friday!!!! Its been such a full on day when I got home I got into my jeans and tee shirt almost instinctively! Must post more photos...must post more photos....

  3. This is a grand idea for a challenge. The long black skirt is very classy.

  4. I love your 50s rock and roll look. That lurex top is fabulous. I can relate to being too lazy to shave your legs. I usually wear tights when that happens.

  5. Haha, I'm in the too lazy to shave my legs brigade too - a maxi or tights are perfect to deal with that little issue!
    The photos are great, I agree with Nelly that you get more confident the more you do it.
    It's definitely a good idea for a challenge. I still have stuff I've bought and not yet worn, that's terrible, isn't it? I will though, I will. xxx


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