Friday, February 3, 2012

I came, I saw, I conquered - Saturday escapades, Part 1.

Op Shop Review: Toffs, Princes Street, Dunedin

I spent about 3/4 hour in Toffs today. I went by myself so I could have a good mooch around.  The pucci-like print skirt and top were still there.  I still liked them.  I still thought they were more than I could justify spending.  The entrance way is a little bit worrying, there is a fence separating the "upmarket" and "retro" sections.  I made my way down into the heart of the shop and started looking at the $2 dresses.  There were two or three similar to ones I already have - one Lady Lichfield in a pretty floral was in perfect condition.  

Like Savemart, items are grouped by colour.  Which means I bypass the black and the white.  I did find a genuine Dirndl dress - with European tags and gorgous metal buttons - it was in the $2 section of blue dresses.  It was made of a heavy cotton and I was surprised by its bulk.  Although it probably would fit me, I decided to let another shopper buy it.  When I arrived there was a queue of about ten people at the counter and over the course of the time I was there it seemed very busy.  I did not see any advertising in the ODT so maybe it was word of mouth which drew the punters in.

My overall impression was that there was an excellent selection to choose from, the clothes were in fair condition and the $2 section was excellent.  The Retro section had a small number of amazing dresses and the prices seemed to be on a par with Savemart.  The interior was lighter, whiter and brighter than Savemart, so I was able to see most items without squinting or holding them up and rotating through 360 degrees until I could actually see the pattern!  Like many second hand clothes stores it was a bit stale-smelling in there, particularly the shoe section.  However, I was impressed with the layout and it was clean and tidy.  

Did I buy anything?  No.  Although I saw plenty of cool clothes - including the Pucci-like skirt and shirt,  nothing leapt out at me and said "buy me, buy me".

 Look at this cool car parked outside!

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