Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Proof of participation....

Monday 7th March, "Made by me" rayon top with To-A-T trousers from Red Cross Shop $1.

Today, Thursday 10th March, "Made by Me" blue rayon ruffle top with mother of pearl button embellishment and A line skirt made from blue red floral print (Spotlight) - sorry no photo

Yesterday, Wednesday 9th March, vintage rayon dress with chiffon sleeves and chiffon hem detail with leggings - sorry again, photo not available. By the way, I went to butterflies at lunch time and scored a lovely cotton voile skirt no size but fits me. Also got a pair of tweed/plaid 3/4 pants in fawn colours To-A-T brand size 12. Sadly when I tried them on at home could not get them done up. You are probably wondering why I did not try on in the shop, well there is a very good reason - the place was absolutely chocka with students!

Tuesday 8th March, vintage full skirt with polka dots and roses - ditto photo!

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  1. What a beautiful top, I know that now it is winter there, I envy you, lol. I have taken a walk around your blog and I am delighted to meet you, come back often.


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