Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fabulous Friday 25th March

Hello readers - a lovely Autumn Dunedin day today so am wearing my tunic dress shown above with black leggings. Rosy has given me some words of encouragement about making it through to the end of MMM and I have re-newed excitement about the challenge.

In the background of this photo is my bathroom door - white - and the wooden door to the hot water cylinder. You might be wondering why I put my Chil-daw mannequin in this position to take photos, well the reason is I have a very small house. Very. My mannequin is currently in hallway "wearing" a selection of coats and jackets. There is no room in the bedroom and my sewing/computer/storage room is full too. I wonder how other sewers get along in a small space - taking photos of completed work is an important occasion, to mark the joyous conclusion of a project - yet due to space constrictions I am not always able to take a photo.

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  1. Wow! Beautiful! Love of the printed fabric, hot pink is always welcome. I humbly give you my opinion, get photos outside the house. If your camera has a timer, put the camera anywhere and get a few pictures, the variety will make your photos more fun, the funny pictures you make good humor, good humor makes you more effective creativity. All is a circle! Thumbs up, dear friend!


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